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The CEO students found their stride again with many business visits and guest speakers.  They were also very busy planning their individual businesses, writing business plans, and learning about what it takes to start a new business.

Graham Dycus

Graham Dycus
Graham Dycus, CEO board chairman, came to our class today.  We had several questions for him concerning the legal aspects of creating your own business.  Mr. Dycus learned a little bit about each of our individual businesses and helped each one of us make informed decisions.  It is always great when a board member comes in for a visit and cares about what we are doing.  It is awesome to ask them questions and be able to sometimes see things differently than we may have thought about before.  Thank you Mr. Dycus for taking your time to visit our CEO class.

Drew Garretson

Drew Garretson

This week in CEO Drew Garretson came in to speak with us. Drew told us about his long journey starting off as a Purdue graduate with a major in agricultural studies. He started his career as a agriculture teacher. He continued teaching for two years before becoming an Ag Retailer selling to the customer directly. Drew then joined the Agribusiness Council of Indiana then also joined the Knox County Community Foundation. Drew now works for Winfield Ag (Land O'Lakes) and his district consist of most of Eastern and Southern United States. His job is to help farmers to improve production. Drew taught us when he came to speak that people from our town often work big jobs like his. He also taught us that our time is valuable and take advantage of it to the best of your abilities. He also taught us the importance of getting involved and giving back.  Thank you Drew for your time.
Alex Rusch

Indiana Small Business Development Center

Julie Foltz

Julie Folz came into to speak to us for the second time this year. All of the students got an opportunity to speak to her one-on-one. She works for the Southwest Indiana Small Business Development Center. Her services are absolutely free. She provides new and upcoming small businesses with reports to further enhance their business. She provided all the students with specific reports relating to their own business to help them with their business plans and finding a better spectrum of their market. She got to speak with student for 10 minutes and learn about their business so she could send emails and help out more in the future. Rahul Bajaj

Sports Center

Josh and Clark Anderson

We visited Sports Center on February 13th, 2018. The Anderson family spoke to us. They each have their own personal touch in the business in Bicknell. They have smaller separate businesses within the business. T-shirt business mixed with some electronics and Dish TV service. Josh Anderson showed us some different tricks and offered some advice in his T-shirt business, from screen printing, embroidery, and some costume designs. Abe and Clark talked to us about good service. “Customers mean everything, without customers you don’t have a good business.” I personally enjoyed the visit. I’ve went to Anderson’s for many years for various things. I thought it was very interesting seeing the place and getting their opinion on various topics about business.  Brilee Albrecht

Knox County Jail

Mr. Mike Morris

On February 15, 2017 the Knox County CEO class visited the Knox County Jail. On this visit we talked with Sheriff Mike Morris. He told us a little bit about himself and talked about how much the jail has grown and told us about the jail. In 1977 the jail only had 12 deputies. Now it has grown to 25 deputies. There also was only 12 jailers. Now there are 24 jailers today. We learned that the sheriff’s office is a constitutional office. The jail brings in around $1,000,000 a year. Some of this money comes from taking in people from other jails that are overcrowded. There are approximately over 200 inmates in the jail. Sheriff Morris said that being a police officer is almost like being the “Referee of life”. We also learned that the jail has many employees that are trained snipers. This was an interesting fact because most people think that the jail just holds criminals, but there is a lot more that goes on in the Knox County Jail. Sheriff Morris told us that “you can not make everyone happy” which is a very good life lesson. After we were all done talking he gave us a little tour of the jail. The jail was a lot bigger than we had thought. The Knox County Jail visit was a very cool experience and we learned a lot about how the jail was run. We want to thank Sheriff Mike Morris and the Knox County Jail for allowing us to come in and learn more about the jail.  Gage Cooper

Goodwin Family Funeral Home

Goodwin Family Funeral Home

On Tuesday, February 20th, Knox County CEO visited Goodwin Family Funeral Home. Mr. Tim Goodwin spoke to us about how this multi-generational business got started and how it operates on a day-to-day basis. This business started in 1944. He explained the whole legal process of a funeral home. He told us that you have to wait 48 hours to cremate a body for legal purposes. Mr. Goodwin also informed us that funeral home directors work a non-traditional schedule, and that it is definitely not a 9-5 job. He also said that his business has multiple locations around the county. They are also going to open up a funeral home in Washington.  Thank you Mr. Goodwin for allowing the CEO class to visit your family business.  Coleton Hostettler

Oaktown Family Dentistry

Dr. Goodwin

On Wednesday February 21, 2018 our CEO class visited Dr. Goodwin. She was a graduate of North Knox and now her kids are going to her alma mater. She went to school at Indiana University to become a dentist. She has her own practice in Oaktown. She gave us the privilege to see her dentistry practice behind the scenes. We also learned the importance of having good employees to help you everyday. She had several of her employees speak to us about their careers and how they got there. She shared her struggles of her old building and having to move her practice temporarily. Having to move her business was rough but she had some help from the community. She is now in her new building and loving her job. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Collin Fausnaugh

Burkhart Insurance

Spencer Burkhart

Spencer Burkhart came in to speak with us about the types of Insurances for our businesses. He spoke about the many different types of insurance like commercial property insurance, marine insurance, and general liability insurance. He told us how businesses can get sued and have to pay if they don’t have insurance. He explained deductibles and how they work. An interesting thing he explained was the difference between the marine insurance and commercial auto insurance. He was very informative and he had an answer to every question. His story was interesting also, his dad originally told him he had to stay away from the family company for 5 years and then he could return. He returned after 3 years on his Dad’s request and now works full time with his Dad’s company, Burkhart Insurance. Rahul Bajaj


Becky Pea ~ Pea-fections

Today, the Knox County CEO class visited Pea-Fections on Main Street in Vincennes. When we arrived at Pea-Fections, Becky Pea greeted us at the front door with donuts and water. During our visit, she talked to us about how she got her business started from the ground up and how much of a success that has been. She is a committed boss because she told us that she hasn’t missed a single day of work in the past twenty-two years that Pea-Fections has been opened. Something that stood out to me was when Becky said, “You can be the best person you can be but all that matters is how your service is.” She also talked to us about what she looks for in an employee and how we should apply those skills to our everyday life.  Pea-fections is one of my favorite restaurants to go to in Vincennes and they always have the best cheesecakes, tortes, and gourmet food. It was interesting to learn that Becky and I have the same favorite dessert at Pea-Fections, Chocolate Bar A La Mode. To conclude, Pea-Fections has been very successful in Vincennes for the past twenty-two years and I hope that they continue their success.  Isabel Miller

Kemper CPA Group

Shana Strange ~ Kemper CPA

On Monday the 26th of February, Shana Strange from Kemper, came into the class to help us out with understanding taxes and business models. She started off by explaining the different tax forms from a 1040 to a 1065. As well as what we must file under for if we where a Sole proprietor or an LLC. With this information she continued to tell us about registration of our company's name which with only being a Sole  proprietor would cost us around $25. Also becoming an LLC would be approximately $100 but it all depends on what we become. She had answered some of our biggest and maybe even most troubling concerns dealing with our business. We are very thankful that she spent a part of her morning coming into our class to speak with us.

Benjamin Weber

Ewing Printing

Jim Zeigler ~ Ewing Printing

On February 27, 2018 we went to Ewing Printing. They taught us about different types of printers that they have. They taught us to always keep your workers busy or you will be losing money. He said that you should always hire people that are versatile. They told us that they have had to expand their facility multiple times because they had outgrown their space. We learned about some of the services they offer. We really enjoyed getting to visit. We got to take a tour and see all of the things they do. We enjoyed learning that they sell their products to people all over the world. We really appreciated them talking the time for us to come   Lexi Wilson


PACE ~ Dr. Bertha Proctor

On Thursday March 1st, we went to Pace Community Action Agency!  Amy Tarr from Midland also stopped by to sit in!  We were able to take a tour with Dr. Bertha Proctor and Tai Blythe.  We got to see all of the different program departments located in the Vincennes location!  We got the opportunity to see the programs, the beautiful, new, renovated furniture, and learn about the different named offices and even into the small gym where we did a minute of wall sits!  After we were done with the tour, we went into the main conference room and got a more indepth version of each program.  Most students in the program learned that there is more than just the Early Head Start program.  We did a fun activity including slips of paper with quotes and a country on it.  We had to talk with the other classmates and see which one of our quotes matched!  It was  a fun activity teaching us that we need to work together and talk with each other to find solutions in a critical thinking problem!  Perspective was another main idea we discussed during the meeting!  Dr.  Bertha Proctor’s attitude, personality, and positivity made the visit energetic and memorable!   Jaren Pfoff

Aaron Pea

Journey Home Productions

Aaron Pea, of Journey Home Films, was our guest speaker today. After only getting two hours of sleep last night, he did a spectacular job with his presentation. He gave us insight into his background, how he got involved in the photography business and how he dropped out of college. Even though he dropped out of college, he has been a very successful person since he has his own business. Being a tennis coach at Rivet Middle/High School and owning his own business can get very hectic but he manages to pull it off without a problem. When he was talking to us, he told us that we are all turkeys and his goal is to turn us into eagles, so that means that we should dream big and never give up. To conclude, Aaron had a great presentation and I hope that his photography business continues to grow.  Thank you for taking time to speak to us!  Isabel Miller

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