Cavan Lemberg

About Me

Cavan Lemberg is a member of the varsity soccer, cross country, track, and golf team at North Knox. Cavan is president of the honor society, a member of student council, drama club, Spanish club, and a member of the North Knox student leadership committee. Cavan enjoys meeting and interacting with members of the community while waiting tables at Nicole’s Restaurant. Cavan also competes on the fine arts academic team. Cavan is also an active member of the school band and show choir. Cavan enjoyed performing in a musical at Old Town Players this past summer and hopes to perform again in the future. Alfred Whitehead’s quote, “Never be content with being average, average is just as close to the bottom as it is to the top”, has inspired him to always push himself to be better. From the CEO program, he hopes to gain better knowledge of the business world and use that knowledge to continue his education and hopefully start his own business.

About My Business